“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”​

- Arundhati Roy

We were drawn to work in education because it was an opportunity to have a positive impact on the future. But in our classrooms and lecture halls, in exam rooms and ovals, it became apparent that there was a gap in the knowledge we were passing on to our young people...



The Invictus Institute initiated and currently facilitates a school-based program designed to educate young people about wellbeing. The programs are built on preeminent research in positive psychology and education to promote knowledge and cultivate wisdom around resilience, curiosity and empathy. There is a one-year and four-year program available, both constructed around the four elements of Network, Master, Journey and Serve.

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the elements

The quality of our relationships is the single greatest indictor when it comes to wellbeing.
The truth is: we need each other.

This element is all about recognising the importance of reliable, meaningful, constructive relationships and what it takes to maintain them. It's about empathy. It's about reshaping competitive landscapes to build each other up. It's about knowing how to surround yourself with, as well as be a positive influence.




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